10 Amazing Anime Art Styles That Will Blow Your Mind

In this article, you will learn about 10 fantastic anime art styles and the software you can use, which is excellent for incorporating Modern Anime Art Styles into the Script.

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Anime Art Style is the first thing a viewer notices before everything, and it's the first impression about an anime.

Anime Art Style

It is indispensable for an anime to choose its art style carefully. The art style should show all the emotions and the world to match the style in the script.

Part 1 10 Common Anime Art Styles That Will Blow You Away

Here are some common yet intriguing anime art styles that will blow your mind.

1. Kawaii art styles

New Game defines this anime art style perfectly, and it falls under the slice of life/comedy genres. The key thing about the new game is that how bright every color is. Kawaii in Japanese means cute, and the art style also tries to portray every character cutely. Despite using Kawaii art style in the New Game, creators could still portray each character's age to some extent. New Game is an outstanding example of Kawaii's art style.

Kawaii art styles

2. Realistic art styles

This art style is pretty rare, and only a few animes fall into this category. Animes that fall into this category are always story-driven and are close to reality.

Death Note is the perfect example of this anime art style with a world similar to the real world. Characters also seem close to reality with realistic emotions, and it has a dark theme. Death Note revolves around an intelligent Japanese teenager Light Yagami and how he despised the world he lived in.

Realistic art styles

3. Chibi art styles

"Chibi" art style is the most childish art style. This art style is youthful in every way. Every Anime with a "chibi" art style has characters that look much younger than they are.

A perfect example of this art style is "Lucky Star". It has very childish-looking characters. This anime has 17-19 years old, but they look way younger than their age.

Chibi art styles

4. Moe art styles

"Moe" and "Kawaii" art styles are very similar. Therefore, it is tough to differentiate between the two. Anime shows created by Kyoto Animation define the "moe" art style. They are, in fact, the ones who developed this art style.

Tamako Market is the perfect example of the "Moe" art style. Characters that look childish but can still portray their ages.

Moe art styles

5. Beautiful art styles

The beautiful art style may look similar to the realistic art style, but the beautiful art style is vibrant and almost unbelievable.

Violet Evergarden describes this art style best; with a beautiful story and great characters, this anime is a masterpiece. The animation quality and the way the characters look will completely blow your mind.

Beautiful art styles

6. Weird art style

As the name suggests, this anime art style is weird, which means they are different from the normal animes.

The best example of this animation style can be Netflix's "Devilman Crybaby". The show has animation, which is different than regular anime art styles. The anime story revolves around a teenager who suddenly becomes a demon because of the substance his friend injected into him. The anime art style is weird but can still portray the ages of the character.

Weird art style

7. "Standard"art styles

We all know what standard means it's the typical anime art style we see, but that doesn't mean that these animes aren't good. Some pretty good animes fall in this category.

Clannad is the best example that defines this art style the best. Clannad is a love story of two teenagers with a lot of overwhelming emotions in the anime. Clannad can make you cry if you are emotional.

Standard art styles

8. Ecchi art styles

These types of animes are prevalent because of the characters. The characters are shown erotically. The characters are either half-naked or something else to make them erotic.

High School D*D is the perfect example of this anime art style. They come under the harem/Ecchi genre.

Ecchi art styles

9. Cartoon art styles

This anime art style is similar to American cartoons, the visuals, and everything. The colors used in animes and the character is similar to the American cartoons.

Kill La Kill is the perfect example of this anime art style.

Cartoon art styles

10. CGI art styles

CGI is the rarest anime art style because it's really hard to create anime through this style because of its complex process and techniques. This anime art style is used to create realism. The anime community isn't used to this art form yet. The best example of this anime art style is God Eater. It has one of the best CGI and the animation quality is outstanding.

CGI art styles

Part 2 The Most Popular Anime Right Now and the Best Fantasy Anime of All Time

1. The most popular anime right now

The most famous anime right now is One Piece which is close to completing its one thousand episodes. The first episode of the series aired in 1999 and it has been over 20 years now and the series is still going strong.

The anime is set in a fantasy world where pirates are like heroes and the main character of the series Monkey.D.Luffy is aiming to become the pirate king. The story revolves around Luffy and his friend as they travel across the world.

The animation style for this show kept on changing with time.

most popular anime

2. The best fantasy anime of all time

This is one of the toughest questions for any anime fan and every anime viewer has a different answer for this question.

The most popular fantasy anime on this planet is without doubt the Dragon Ball saga. The first episode of Dragon Ball was aired on 26 Feb 1986 and it's still going on.

Dragon Ball is an action series that revolves around Goku who belongs to the famous Saiyan race. The anime shows how Goku becomes more powerful every day and defeats every enemy he faces.

best fantasy anime

Part 3 How to Incorporate Modern Anime Art Style into the Script

It is very necessary that the anime style is according to the script and can portray the script. This is where Anireel comes in.

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Key Takeaways from This Episode

Always try to match the anime art style with the script.

The anime art style you choose should be able to show emotions perfectly.

The software you choose should be easy to use and be able to create high-quality animation and matches your anime art style.



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