Top 6 Explainer Video Icon Resource Website

When it comes to video marketing, explainer videos are one of the most common and impactful forms of brand promotion. You can use these videos for different purposes, from promotion and marketing to advertising. These short videos can prove to be very powerful for your business.

Besides impressive content, one way to make your content stand out is to use a unique icon for your explainer videos. Here, in this guide, we bring you the best and useful explainer video icon templates that reflect your brand personality.

Keep reading to discover the best icon explainer videos sites for your next marketing campaign.

Let’s get started:

Part 1 Top 6 Explainer Video Icon Site

Here’re the top six widely used explainer video icon sites you need to know. Read about them and choose the one that best fits your needs:

1. Icons8

Icon8 icon Collection

On this impressive platform, you can choose from more than 276 free explainer video icons. These icons are compatible with both major operating systems, Windows, and iOS. You can get these icons for mobile, web, and other graphic design projects you have.

These pixel-perfect free images can fit virtually any design. These are available in both vector and PNG. You can download and use the icons in all formats. You can even edit them as per your creative designs. Keep checking the site to find popular icons and newly-added icons to the site.

Even if you can't find your icon in their collection, Icons8 can design it for you in an existing or another unique style. You can find a suitable explainer video icon in almost all categories, including baby, cinema, city, alphabets, animals, crime, astrology, clothing, gaming, toys, industry, music, nature, shopping, security, and what’s not!

2. VectorStock

VectorStock icon collection

VectorStock is the world’s most popular vector-only image platform with lots of royalty-free vector images. Vector graphics refer to images that you can resize without losing any quality. These images are ideal for both high-resolution display and printing.

A vector image is made of a series of points with lines joining these points. Using this method, it becomes easy to illustrate both simple and complex line-based shapes. These shapes can be filled with gradient or solid colors.

At VectorStock, you can find impressive icons for your explainer videos. As mentioned above, these look good on all media, including digital displays, print media, and virtually anything.

3. Premium Beat by Shutterstock

Premium Beat logo

Impressively crafted animated explainer video icon templates can spruce up your content. If used correctly, these can prove to be great for your visual corporate or personal storytelling.

Premium Beat by Shutterstock brings you a blog titled “Create Animated Icons for Explainer Videos in After Effects.” This impressive blog makes a highly valuable resource for those looking for suitable icons for their explainer videos.

By reading this blog, you’ll learn about conceptualizing an icon design for your project. You'll also learn how to create animated icons with shape layer parameters. You can download the free project file, which is free for use.

4. PNGTree

PNGTree icons

PNGTree brings you millions of premier quality PNGs, templates, vectors, and other creative illustrations. The vision of the platform is to save you time while improving your efficiency. So, it’s a great explainer video icon site if you’re looking for efficiency.

On this single platform, high-quality images have been downloaded and distributed 100+ million times globally.

Besides icons, you can choose PNG images, vector images, clipart, 3D images, and much more, depending on your needs. Moreover, with lots of categories such as animals, birthdays, arrows, etc., it’s easy to find a suitable icon as per your needs.

5. Dreamstime

Dreamstime brand name

Dreamstime is another world's largest community when it comes to stock photography. This reliable platform brings you high-quality digital images at an impressively affordable price. In addition, their database has an excellent collection of high-resolution images on an extensive range of subjects.

You can find lots of royalty-free icons for explainer videos, which means just pay once and use it any number of times you want. You can download any desired size that fits your needs and preferences.

You can choose an icon across different categories, including animals, holidays, people, industries, and technology. Other categories include IT & C, abstract, business, travel, nature, and more.

6. CanStockPhoto

CanStockPhoto images

CanStockPhoto is one of the oldest microstock photography agencies. Founded in 2004, the platform offers professionally designed yet affordable images, including explainer video icon templates. All of these images are designed by talented artists worldwide.

You can choose icons across various categories, including web, symbols, video, food, and many more. Moreover, you can buy these icons at a nominal cost and use them for a lifetime across various media. The platform is mainly known for its extensive library of images, affordable prices, and transparency to customers.

So, if you’re looking for explainer video icons for your needs, CanStockPhoto is a great platform for you.

Part 2 How to Make a Desired Explainer Video Icon

In case you don't find the desired icon for your explainer video, you've another great alternative. You can design your own best icon explainer videos feature. This is going to be unique and customized to your business needs.

And, one such great tool for this purpose is to use Wondershare Anireel.

Part 2.1 What is Wondershare Anireel?

Wondershare Anireel

Well, using this impressive tool, you can create compelling animated explainer videos for your brand storytelling purpose.

It lets you create animated videos for knowledge sharing, marketing, eLearning, and more, using ready-to-use scenes, elements, and explainer video icons.

Part 2.2 Features of Wondershare Anireel

Some of its top features include the following:

● Rich Customizable Assets: Wondershare Anireel has tons of drag-and-drop characters, props, actions, audio clips, and text. You can easily modify the size of these elements depending on your unique needs. The platform also supports imported images, audio, and video assets, while covering virtually all formats.

● Text-to-Speech Wondershare Anireel lets you easily convert text into speech using the latest deep learning technology. It enables you to add many different voices. You don’t have to find expensive voice actors or any studio recording services. This tool makes dubbing quite straightforward.

● You can Animate Everything Anireel an animate imported as well as built-in assets. In addition, it includes functions, such as Motion Path and Enter & Exit Effects, for high versatility.

● Convert Scripts into Videos Easily: Anireel has lots of explainer video icon templates that suit many different types of scripts. Simply select the script type and add your content. The tool instantly matches the content to rich animations. It then converts the text into videos and produces complete animated explainer videos for you.


Wondershare Anireel - Easy Tool for Creating Animated Explainer Videos

Built-in rich animation templates, including characters, actions, props, text, audio. Drag and drop to use for ease

Easy Text-to-Speech conversion through deep learning technology.

Anireel can animate built-in and imported material. It includes intro & outro animations and keyframing functions for more versatility.

Anireel will instantly match your script to rich animations, convert the text into voice-over, and generate complete and vivid Animated Explainer Videos.

Each animated character speaks in sync with accurate mouth movements according to the audio.

Part 2.3 Steps to Use Wondershare Anireel

Step1 First of all, you need to download the tool on your device. Go to the official site of Wondershare Anireel and click to download it.
Step2 Once downloaded, the next step is to install the program. To do this, simply double-click the downloaded ".exe" file. It will begin the installation process. Follow the instructions you see on your screen to complete the installation process.
Step3 Now, you’ve to register using either of two given methods:

Method 1 Click “Create Account” in the Wondershare account center, and fill in your email ID, and set a password.

Wondershare Anireel sign up

Method 2 Wondershare Anireel sign up Method 2: Launch the Wondershare Anireel program. Then, click the L

Wondershare Anireel sign in
Step4 Drag a scene that you like into the stage first. You’ll see that the background, props, characters, and animation have been combined.
Select scene Wondershare Anireel
Step5 Use the text-to-speech feature to turn your text into a high-quality voice and add it to the timeline. You can add your available materials and import video, audio, and pictures, in different formats. You also get a lot of choices for explainer video icon templates.
Wondershare Anireel video icons
Step6 Continue to add other scenes. Switch to all scenes and add funny transition effects.
Step7 Finally, drag the background music of your choice to the timeline.
Wondershare Anireel add music to videos
Step8 Preview and then export your video.

So, you’ve created your animated explainer video. To remove the watermark, you need to purchase a membership for a nominal price.

Wondershare Anireel

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination.



As you see, you’ve lots of options when it comes to designing impressive explainer video icon templates. If the above-listed sites are not useful, we bet that Wondershare Anireel won’t disappoint you. This is a great tool using which you can use excellent pre-designed elements or even create customized icons for your explainer videos.

What’s more, you can even export your videos created using Anireel to MP4 formats with different resolutions and qualities.

Just make sure you've written a great script that reflects your brand as expected. Then, decide the props, provide the script, choose effects, and let Anireel handle the rest for you.



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