10 Best Script Fonts Make People Fall in Love with Your Website

Advantages of using a special script font and a few of the best script fonts for your website!

Script fonts are one of the most recommendable methods to make your website more attractive. No matter how well the content on your website is written, if the phone is just a generic font that isn't very pleasing to the eyes, consumers might not even read it.

Script fonts

It is important to use attractive script fonts on the website to make it look more pleasing to the consumers. So today, let us take a look at a few of the best script fonts for your website!

Part 1 What is Script Font Used For?

Script fonts are differently styled fonts for writing..When you head to Microsoft Word, you'll see different styles of writing. These are called script fonts. There are several script fonts one can use other than the default sans font.

Script fonts help make the content look more attractive and hence generate more leads. Script fonts are used in several places such as, website logos, branding, website content, name boards and to name a few. Script fonts are an excellent way of branding your product or website. For instance take the brand McDonald's, when we think of McDonald's we remember the generic font used in the McDonald's logo. Today that McDonald's logo is the brand image of McDonald's in a total of 140 countries.

Part 2 Famous Brands with Creative Script Fonts on Logo

1. Barbie

Barbie dolls are one of the most famous toys which each one of us would have played with as a child. Barbie dolls have a particular font in their logo, this font is often intimidating to children and sticks in their mind as the font used in Barbie doll logo. Hence upon seeing the logo, children would automatically want a toy! The script font used is a special cursive font.


2. Ford

Ford is one of the most popular automobile companies all around the world. The company uses a bold cursive font in its logo. This font is attractive and has a blue background attached to it, the logo has today become the identity of the brand ford.


3. Kelloggs

Kellogg's is a famous serial company as we know it. Kellogg's is the first choice of cereal for most Americans. The Font used in Kellogg's has now become its trademark, it is a simple bold cursive font that is red in colour. However, this font has done magic for Kellogg's, and today the Identity of Kellogg's lies in its logo.


4. Disney

Disney brings back several pleasant memories from the past. As children, we all must have watched the Disney channel. The cursive italic font used in Disney is a pleasant memory in all our minds. A logo's prime essence is to establish the brand and the logo of Disney pretty much does establish the brand of Disney in our minds!


5. Coca-cola

You think of soft drinks, you think of coca-cola and a red logo written in a cursive font comes to your mind. Such Is The impact of coca-cola in the industry. The red font of Coca-Cola is rather carefully and neatly designed to serve the purpose of branding the soft drink. Coca-Cola was established way back in the 1880s and since then they have been consistently working to establish their brand in the market. As a result today, the Coca-Cola brand is one of the giants in the soft drinks industry.


Part 3 What Are the Best Stunning Free Script Fonts?

1. 5th-grade cursive

Link for Downloading

5th-grade cursive handwriting practice books always bring back nostalgia to our minds. Well for a kids educational website, a font that fits well and creates an impact on children's minds is what you need. Hence this script font is perfect for an educational website since it shall help you establish a special connection with children!

5th-grade cursive

2. Alex brush

Link for Downloading

Want to impress artistic minds? What's better than an artistic font? Alex brush is an artistic script font with delicate cursive writing. It makes just the perfect style for an art-related website!

Alex brush

3. Allura

Link for Downloading

Allura is a perfect font for cursive lovers, It looks aesthetic and classy and at the same time allures the users as its name says! Allura is perfect for almost any website due to its aesthetic looks and classy curves!


4. Dancing script

Link for Downloading

Isn't the name a giveaway in itself? The dancing script is a script with neat intricate curves and aesthetic looks! The curves make the letters look intriguing and attractive. Hence making the users fall in love with the content on your website!

Dancing script

5. Little days

Link for Downloading

Looking to get playful and experiment a little with your website's script font? Well then, the little days font is just perfect for you. It helps bring out the inner child of your website and make it attractive to the users.

Little days

6. Honey script

Link for Downloading

Want to add a modern touch to your website and at the same time keep It low-key? Well then, the honey script is just perfect for your website. It helps convey the content perfectly and manages to intimidate the users. Its low key and at the same time

Honey script

7. Cookie

Link for Downloading

Well if the name of this script font did not intrigue you enough, then the description surely will. The cookie font is as perfect as an English choco chip cookie. It has got the perfect cursive curves and an aesthetic feel! Perfect for a cookery website or an online food delivery website.


8. Crunchy

Link for Downloading

Crunchy is another font that would help establish a connection with the users. Especially when the users are writers! This typography is specially designed one to make the text look like handwritten text. All the poets, writers, and readers in the house will for sure love this font!


9. Dawning of a new day

Link for Downloading

Making a student-based website? Well, this font will make your website resemble the handwriting of a student in a journal. Well, of course, a studious student with a neat handwriting. Jokes apart, this typography is perfectly designed to attract students and educators. Using it on a student-based website will definitely be a huge boom!

Dawning of a new day

10. Great vibes

Link for Downloading

Great vibes is another script font that has got a whole different vibe to it. The font is cursive and adds a flare to the website. The font is a highly attractive one perfect for writing quotes. It gives out happy vibes and sets the mood of the viewers.

Great vibes

Key Takeaways from This Episode

As we see today we realized the importance of usage of an attractive script font.

We saw top brands who utilized script fonts to their advantage and gave their brand a sense of establishment.

We also saw the top stylish fonts that you can use on your website.



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