Your Number 1 Tip to Choose A Right Script Template

The art behind successful promotional videos, different script writing examples to choose from!

If a promotional video that armed with proper script template is shown to you that manages to touch your heart and at the same time convinces you to buy the product, it is most likely that if you don't buy it, you'll at least check it out.


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A script-based promotional video is an option to choose when deciding upon a promotional video. Even if the script is a small one, if it manages to deliver an impactful message that convinces the customers to buy the product, the script serves its purpose successfully!

Part 1 What is a Video Script?

1. What are the main applications of Video Script for modern people?

Video scripts have several applications in today's world. Customers these days have become wittier, convincing them to buy a product has become tougher than usual. In such a situation, sellers who are looking to promote their video mustn't just spread awareness about their products and their benefits, It has become important that sellers play with the minds of the people, the promotional video should be impactful enough to leave an everlasting impact on the minds of the people.

2. Where can the future Video Script be applied?

Video scripting is the future of promotional videos. As iterated earlier, convincing an intelligent audience to buy your product is almost 100 times tougher than convincing their counterparts. An intelligent audience would think "why should they buy your product, is it a need or a want?". Only if they're well convinced that the product isn't just an attraction to the mind but is something they need, they'd buy it.

3. Some interesting Video Script examples

Let us look at the same with an example. The following video has a strong script and are a few good scriptwriting examples.

Part 2 Why Do You Need a Video Script?

You've been reading about video scripts for a while now. You must be thinking about why you actually need a video script, after all even you lie among the intellectual audience. Well, there are several reasons as to why a video script is necessary:

1. The higher market catch

Movies that toy with your mind and provoke thoughts are often the ones that leave an impact on your mind when compared to just plain weakly scripted movies. Promotional videos are nothing but 3-5 minute movies that give out a message and at the same time convince the audience to buy a product.

higher market catch

2. More meaningful is the video, more are the watchers

While a viewer watches a video, it is very important to draw his attention and it is further important for the viewer's attention to constantly be on the video.

meaningful video

3. Cost friendly

Hiring a famous Bollywood actor or actress for a promotional video would cost a boom on your wallet and sometimes may not even be effective enough.

Cost friendly

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Part 3 5 Script Templates to Choose from for Your Video

1. Announcement

The general announcement video template pattern is as follows:

  • Short introduction

  • The key message

  • Further details

  • Call to action

2. Meet "xyz"

This is the traditional kind of explainer video. In such videos, an animated character suffers from the same problem as the target audience. Once the viewers are able to connect with the animated character, a solution is introduced and then a call to action is provided.

3. "The secret sauce"

This is another script writing template that is especially used to promote niche and breakthrough products. In such videos, the audience is notified about the problems, however, the focus is on the uniqueness of the solution.

4. Common interest

Such types of video templates also concentrate on establishing a special connection with the target audience. In such videos, a common interest is established with the audience. Questions are asked to intrigue the audience, questions such as "Do you also hate smelly washrooms?".

5. Video testimonial

A testimonial always provides reassurance. Listening to a review by a consumer who has previously used the product gives the viewers a reassurance about the quality of the product. It would help potential customers understand how it'd feel to actually possess the particular product.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

Today we've explored the art of script templates and also understood the importance of a strong script for a promotional video.

A tree's true strength is determined by how deep its roots penetrate.

Similarly, a promotional video's true strength lays in how deep it can penetrate into a potential customer's mind.

Hence, we can conclude that a well-scripted video template is one of the key factors that influence the outcome of a promotional video.



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