How Can You Deny These Best Free Speech to Text Software

Looking for professional speech-to-text software? Check out this list of top 10 exclusive speech-to-text apps that'll allow you to convert speech to dedicated text documents.

Today there are many tools that support "speech-to-text" functionality; that it can often become challenging for users to pick the right tool for the job.


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If you're also looking for a feature-packed "speech-to-text" software, we've got you covered. In today's article, we have decided to put together a list of the top 10 apps that provide speech-to-text functionality and allow users to save scripts through dictation.

Part 1 What is the Speech to Text App?

If you're not familiar with the concept of "speech-to-text" apps, here's what you need to know. These apps are specifically designed to understand user's phrases/words and convert them to readable texts.

Speech to Text App

Instead of typing the entire paragraph from scratch, users could simply use the "speech-to-text" app to dictate their thoughts and generate a readable copy of the text. It's important to understand that ‘accuracy' is the biggest determining factor to decide whether a speech-to-text app is reliable or not. If the app couldn't understand your voice or phrases, it won't be a suitable choice to use it on your smartphone/computer.

Part 2 Why is Speech to Text App Getting Popular?

Popular Speech to Text App

What makes "speech-to-text" apps immensely popular in the modern world? The truth is these apps offer an ease-of-use to the users.

Such applications also give users the liberty to perform Google searches more quickly. Let's say you're driving on the road and want to find the nearest gas station. Instead of pulling over, the "speech-to-text" functionality will allow you to instantly perform the Google search. In a nutshell, their extensive applications and ease of use are the two primary reasons behind the growing popularity of "speech-to-text" software.

Part 3 10 Best Speech to Text Apps That Will Help Translate from Speech

So, now that you know why "speech-to-text" apps are so useful, let's take a look at the top 10 apps that'll convert your speech into readable text with the highest accuracy.

1. Dragon Anywhere

Accuracy: High

Price: $150/year starting with a free trial for a week

Dragon Anywhere

Dragon Anywhere is among the most popular "speech-to-text" apps, that's available for both Android and iOS. The tool supports advanced dictation and high accuracy, which means you'll be able to generate a text block from your speech without any hassle.


Accurate speech recognition

Feature-packed speech-to-text solution

Cross-Platform Compatibility


You may encounter a few seconds lag while converting longer sentences.

As opposed to other available options, Dragon Anywhere is a bit expensive.

"It's excellent. Dragon is expensive compared to competitors but their solution is state of the art. Their voice matching can't be beaten, and their medical version is excellent for any provider."

2. Google Voice Typing

Accuracy: High

Price: Free

Google Voice Typing

Google Voice Typing is Google's official "speech-to-text" software that's integrated into all the available G-suite apps. One of the major advantages of choosing Google Voice Typing is that it's available for free.


Compatible with all G-suite applications.

Available for free.

Supports 40+ languages.


As a simple speech recognition software, unexpected delays are quite common in Google Voice Typing.

Google Voice Typing will only work if you're connected to a stable Internet connection.

"Easy to use and free. A useful tool for users with disabilities or injuries."

3. Evernote

Accuracy: High

Price: Free and Starting from $3.35 / MONTH


Evernote is among the most popular note-taking apps, that has been helping users take professional notes since 2008. Even since its launch more than a decade ago, Evernote has offered state-of-the-art features to make it easier for users to make and manage multiple notes using the same tool.


Exclusive Features to Make Note Making an Easier Process for Users.

Create and save your notes on the cloud.

High speech-to-text accuracy.


If you're not a professional, Evernote's price tag may seem a bit expensive.

"The best thing about Evernote is that I can save any type of notes - web pages, my notes, pictures, pdf files. And I can use it from any device - laptops, mobile or web."

4. Otter

Accuracy: Moderate

Price: Free and Starting from $8.33 per month


Otter is a cloud-based "speech-to-text" app that's primarily targeted towards professionals. With Otter, you can generate notes from different meetings as well as lectures and store them directly on your system. The tool supports advanced real-time transcription features that'll allow you to convert speech into dedicated notes easily.


Team collaboration becomes easier.

Easy-to-use interface in both mobile and web-based versions of the tool.

Supports Audio/Video Transcription.


Supports Audio/Video Transcription.

"Best Transcription app for authors and content makers."


Accuracy: Moderate

Price: Free is a free online "speech-to-text" app that converts user's dictations into text blocks for free. If you're looking for a simple (yet accurate) speech recognition tool, is the right answer. You can use the tool to dictate essays, reviews, and even simple notes. One of the biggest USPs for is its grammar support.


Available for free.

The easy-to-use interface makes the tool perfect for beginners.

Supports multiple languages.


Doesn't offer any advanced functionality

The grammatical suggestions aren't always accurate.

"Simple and fast solution. Understands and transcribes multiple popular languages."

6. Speechmatics

Accuracy: High

Price: 14-day free trial and prices starting from $8.33 per month


Speechmatics is another extensive "speech-to-text" app that comes with a wide variety of features. The tool will allow you to convert call recordings and video files to text documents with a single click.


Advanced "speech-to-text" transcription features.

Available for multiple platforms.

Understands different types of accents.


Understands different types of accents.

"It's the most accurate speech recognition software I've found, that is also usable."

2. Voice Texting Pro

Accuracy: Moderate

Price: Free with additional in-app purchases

Voice Texting Pro

Voice Texting Pro is an iOS-specific app that's exclusively available for iOS users. The app is compatible with all iDevices running iOS 5.1.1 or later. It's a free speech recognition tool that'll convert your speech to a dedicated Word document automatically.


Simple User Interface.

Offers in-app purchases to add more languages.


No advanced features such as audio-to-text conversion.

"I was concerned about what the error rate would be with this app. Silly me. It's uncanny how well it gets me. I rarely need to make a correction."

8. Apple Dictation

Accuracy: Moderate

Price: Free

Apple Dictation is a "speech-to-text" app that comes pre-installed in Macbooks and iMacs. It's a great free software that you can use right on your Macbook to convert speech to text. The tool supports automatic voice recognition, which means it'll recognize your voice as soon as you start dictating something.


The perfect tool for one-time use, especially if own a Macbook.

Understands different accents.

Multi-language support.


There aren't any advanced voice recognition features.

"I wish there were some instructions guiding the user on how to set up the app to do the v-to-t in that language. Thus, the 4 stars instead of 5 ones."

9. Braina Pro Translate App

Accuracy: High

Price: $49.00 /year

Braina Pro Translate App

Braina Pro is an exclusive iOS tool that you can use to convert speech to dedicated text documents right on your iPhone/iPad. With Braina Pro, you could easily convert audio and video files to dedicated text documents and store them on your local storage itself.


Affordable speech-to-text solution.

Better than other iOS speech-to-text tools.

Built-in voice assistant feature.


The customer support isn't as reliable as other professional software.

"Understands my speech without being nit-picky. Is more affordable (and better) than some similar popular software."

1. Google GBoard

Accuracy: High

Price: Free

Google GBoard

If you own an Android device, Google GBoard could be the perfect voice-to-text assistant for you. It's a built-in voice assistant that'll allow you to add text to a dedicated field through simple dictation. With Google GBoard, you won't have to install any additional applications or language packs to your device. It supports a wide range of languages and provides high accuracy all the time.


Works with all apps that support Google Keyboard

High Accuracy

Able to understand different accents and dialects


Not Available as an exclusive app

"I have loved this app for the longest time since I switched to Android. But speech to text feature gets worse and worse every day."


Wondershare Anireel - Easy Tool for Creating Animated Explainer Videos

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Built-in rich animation templates, including characters, actions, props, text, audio. Drag and drop to use for ease

Easy Text-to-Speech conversion through deep learning technology.

Anireel can animate built-in and imported material. It includes intro & outro animations and keyframing function for more versatility.

Anireel will instantly match your script to rich animations, convert the text into voice over, and generate complete and vivid Animated Explainer Videos.

Each animated character speaks in sync with accurate mouth movements according to the audio.

Part 4 How Can We Get Text-to-Speech Then?

Like speech-to-text, there are several situations when users need to convert text to speech. Let's say you have a script and you want to create an explainer video for your new marketing campaign. In this situation, instead of dictating each line, it would be better to let the software automatically convert the entire script to a dedicated voiceover. In addition to saving your time, this will also make it easier to create easy-to-understand explainer videos.

If you're also looking for a "text-to-speech" converter, we recommend using Wondershare Aniree. It's a feature-packed animation maker that's primarily designed to make animated videos on a Windows system.


Character lip-sync

Rich templates

Multi-track timeline-based interface

Types of animations

Key Takeaways from This Episode

So, that wraps up our guide on the top 10 speech-to-text software that you could use on different devices to make notes through simple dictation.

While some of these tools offer basic functionality, others are a complete package that'll help you streamline different operations in your life.

Browse through the above-mentioned list and pick the right speech-to-text software that best suits your requirements.



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