Best 10 Storyboard Creators to Make Your Animation Stand out

Here are the 101 tools for beginners in the storyboard to advance. Make sure you check out the last one because trust me it will reduce your efforts by 20%.

We are damn sure you are that "creative head" who has a zeal to spice up things real quick. Well, for you we have brought this article, over here we are going to dig deep into what storyboard creator is all about.

storyboard creator

From the toe of the storyboarding to the head, we are going to get every inch of this skill in this article. Not only that, there are my personal favorite tools that are listed in the latter part of the article.

Part 1 5 Facts You Need to Know about Storyboard

1. What is an Online Storyboard?

Storyboard is a tool wherein you can depict the ideas you have for the video before the video is shot. The video can be related to anything, be it animation, marketing or film but the bunch of pictures depicting the concept of the video is called a storyboard.

Online Storyboard

2. What Are the Components of a Storyboard?

Similar to the video, storyboard must have some components to depict the purpose it is getting made for. The important components for the storyboard are listed down below:

  • Story

  • Character

  • Dialogue

  • Timeframe

  • Camera Details

Components of a Storyboard

3. Why Do You Need a Storyboard?

As we have a prototype before the actual product is launched to get a fair idea of what is it going to be in the future when the actual product is launched. So, likewise, when we are producing a video of any sort of tutorial or be it a film, the outline and the gist of the full and final product is present in the storyboard; so that to get an estimation of what is it going to be the next.

Need a Storyboard

4. How to Label Storyboards?

We follow a certain technique to label the storyboard. Suppose there is one scene, and in the storyboard, there are 3 shots (explaining that scene) so to mention the details of how is it going to be in the actual video we label the pictures like- 1A, 1B, 1C; where 1 is depicting the same scene whereas A, B, C is showing the sequence and the shots of the scene.

Label Storyboards

5. Do Storyboards Have Dialogue?

Yes, they do have dialogue for better understanding and to get a better idea of the final video.

Storyboards Have Dialogue

Part 2 Guaranteed 10 Storyboard Creators to Make Animation Easier for You

So here we are listing the best 10 storyboards creators online that will help you to create your storyboard super swiftly. The tools that are listed are determined under certain conditions.

we will see which one is good with the price, platforms, lastly, advantages and disadvantages. Coming up the last in our list is:


Wondershare Anireel - Easy Tool for Creating Animated Explainer Videos

1,435 people have downloaded it.

Built-in rich animation templates, including characters, actions, props, text, audio. Drag and drop to use for ease

Easy Text-to-Speech conversion through deep learning technology.

Anireel can animate built-in and imported material. It includes intro & outro animations and keyframing function for more versatility.

Anireel will instantly match your script to rich animations, convert the text into voice over, and generate complete and vivid Animated Explainer Videos.

Each animated character speaks in sync with accurate mouth movements according to the audio.

No. 10 StoryboardThat


If you are someone who doesn't know how to draw, this is one of the best solutions you've got. Storyboarding software by StoryboardThat allows you to use hundreds of backgrounds and characters for your storyboard. Guess what? This tool is super duper easy to use not only that you also get a free version of this software with some limited features.

Price: Free; $9.99/month (For Fun); $8.99/month (For Teachers); $14.99/month (For Work)

Platforms: Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based


You can use this software for free.

Best of those who don't know how to draw.


Very limited resources.

Not so many high-quality resources.

No. 9 PanelForge


Holding the 9th position in our list PanelForge has got everything for animatics and complicated projects. This tool is made for the experienced ones who already know how to play with big boy tools of storyboarding.

Price: Free (Public Beta); $7.31/month (Pro); $1,411/year (Studio)

Platforms: Windows


You can use this software for free.

The tool can be used for complicated pre-project work with an easy-to-use function.


Students might find it a little complicated to use.

No. 8 Canva


Canva as everybody knows an easy-peasy tool that can be learnt by even a kid. Well, this application has a million stock images, tons of libraries to choose from and your scenes can also be organized using the grid and frames. Also, you can use all these functions by just dragging and dropping, moreover, you can change your fonts, include headers, and customize the colour according to your wish.

Price: Free

Platforms: Online


Free and easy to use.

Contains a lot of free and good resources.


It is only of light projects.

No. 7 PowerProduction Software

PowerProduction Software

A power production is a powerpack tool that comes with different other tools as well. With the inclusive tools that PowerProduction software offers you can easily do your simple to advanced Storyboard projects.

Price: $129.99/year (StoryBoard Quick); $169.99/year (StoryBoard Quick Studio); $269.99/year (StoryBoard Artist); $399.99/year (StoryBoard Artist Studio)

Platforms: PC/Mac/Mobile


Available for all three devices- mobile, PC and Mac.

It can handle simple to advance projects.


It can handle simple to advance projects.

No. 6 MakeStoryboard


Sixth on our list comes makeStoryboard with is a sweet and simple tool for those who don't want fancy movie-making tools present in the list. You can upload your camera shots, using its inbuilt tool to draw stick figures and also you can jot down the scene details with a really smooth user-friendly interface. You can use its tool on any sort of drawing tablet.

Price: Free; $12/month (Professional); $36/month (Team)

Platforms: Online


You can use its many features online for free.

Simple user interface and no fancy stuff.


Maybe you do not find so many options to make things more creative.

No. 5 Boords Storyboard Creator


You do not need any advanced technical knowledge not to do complex work of storyboarding. With the Boords Storyboard Creator, everything becomes so simple to do. This is an online web app so you can collaborate with your teammates when you are working.

Price: $36/month (Studio); $60/month (Company); $120/month (Company Plus)

Platforms: Online


You can work and collab at the same time while working on a storyboard project.

You can work and collab at the same time while working on a storyboard project.


Little expensive.

No. 4 Studiobinder


This is a full power pack tool in which you can customize every part of your storyboarding. You can play with its tool to filter columns, change the sequence of your scene, import your images, alter your aspect ratio and whatnot. Go and collaborate with your teammates and pour your creativity with this software on your storyboard project.

Price: $29/month (Indie); $49/month (Professional); $99/month (Studio)

Platforms: Online


This is a full advanced tool that can be used for big projects as well.


You might take little time to learn this storyboard application.

No. 3 FrameForge Storyboard Studio

FrameForge Storyboard Studio

FrameForge storyboard studio tool as the name suggests is like a premium studio you'll be working on. This tool is also used by big boys of the industries including HBO, Netflix, and BBC. Even if you don't have technical skill computer skills you can work on this tool, and do wonders in animation and drawing.

Price: $498.95 one-time fee or $12.99/month (Core Edition); $799 one-time fee or $24.99/month (Professional Edition)

Platforms: macOS/PC


Trusted by big brands in the film industry.

Very high-tech tool.


Very high-tech tool.

No. 2 Plot


Adrian Thompson was working in the animation industry and came up with the conclusive statement - "how tedious it is to edit a basic storyboard template". After that, he created a superbly fast and free storyboard application called Plot. Even Vistaprint and Workday are also some of the impressive users.

Price: $10/month


Trusted by big brands.

Super-efficient tool.


The color is relatively simple.

No. 1 Anireel


Well, here it comes the number one tool of our list by Wondershare Aniree. In this app, you will find everything you need for a video editing project. If you are doing animated video editing this is your go-to tool with tons of rich animated elements and scenes.

Let's find out what are its top features- Turn your scripts to video in just one click, massive and customizable resources, character lip-sync, animate everything even your pictures, and last but not the least text-to-speech function. The best part is you can do this by just dragging and dropping.

Price: See here


You can work and collab at the same time while working on a storyboard project.

This is quite easy tool to start with.


It was just released.

Key Takeaways from This Episode

We talked briefly about what is the storyboard and where it is used?

We learnt what the main aspect of creating a storyboard along with lots of details about storyboarding is.

In the last part of the list, we have the best application up till now in the market which not only can be learned every easily but also has premium features in it.



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