Custom Text to Speech Voice and Bring It to Real Life

Custom text to speech voice can revolutionize educational/learning videos, audio books and entertaining commercials. Create TTS voices to witness its wonders!

Text-to-speech voice computing is the process of converting texts into audible speech.


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Part 1 What is the Principle of Text to Speech Voices Custom?

Text to Speech Voices

The fundamental principle of customized text-to-speech voice can be broken down into four important steps:


An innovative text engine captures the sound wave of voice produced by humans. Later, this is converted into language data or text via automatic speech recognition (ASR). In most of the cases, the user can also type that text that needs to be converted.


The text is synthesized for generating natural humanized voice suitable for any hardware or software products.


Synthesized outcome the converter can be customized in terms of clarity, depth and volume of voice to achieve a lifelike original human voice according to your requirements.


The customized TTS file has to be combined with a video of your choice. Since the technology has showcased promising results in assistive scenarios, we recommend using them in Q & A videos, how to videos, and frictional content material as well.

Part 2 Which Features Does a Text to Speech Voices Custom?

Text to Speech Voice Feature

1. Any type of voice for effective text-to-speech conversion

When you opt for customization, you no longer have to be limited to available options, rather the sky is the limit. You can design a voice that perfectly blends with the script of a video, or even create a voice for audio book that matches with the theme of the content.

2. Train the quality of voice for successful outcome

We know there are times when you are happy with the voice, but not really satisfied with its quality. Giving this a quantitative approach, text-to-speech custom voice allows you to train the voice for brining in the change that you want.

3. A custom persona that connects with users

When talking about a frictions voice that will be a part of your business, a good practice is to introduce a voice that would establish an instant connection with the targeted audience in no time. For this, focus on the persona of the custom voice i.e. the features of the voice, tonal quality, and tuning as per the text.

4. Stands to be original identity of your Brand

Since the voice is 100% customized, you end up creating an original identity for the brand.

5. Compatible for natural interaction

By having a custom voice you can apparently accelerate the interaction rate of customers. Moreover, most of the loyal audience tend to have an emotional connection with the voice of the brand.

Part 3 What Are the Benefits of Text to Speech Voices Custom?

Benefits of Text to Speech Voices

   Pros and Cons of General Text to Speech Voices


1. Aids in quick consumption of content

Well, it comes as no surprise that text-to-speech voice enables quick and effortless consumption of content. Viewers can listen to video or audio books on the go or even while they are multitasking. In fact, studies have revealed that today people are plugged to audio devices more than ever. From extensive use of smart speakers for audio content, to listening to music & podcasts, we are accompanied by sound almost everywhere.

2. Great for people with visual impairment

We live in a time where our entire day revolves around the screen of some or the other device. The result: chronic stress on eyes that leads to visual impairment. Again, here TTS emerges to be a ray of hope, ensuring users don't have to stare at their screen for continuous entertainment.

3. Support for people with learning disabilities

When an video, article or even a book is being published for the larger audience, going for TTS is a great way to make it accessible for consumers with learning disabilities.


1. Limited voice options

We can't emphasize on this issue enough: general text-to-speech voice leaves you with limited options. Further, you are even running at a risk of the voice being used by some other company for promoting their brand or adding value to their business- definitely not a safe place to be in.

2. No room for customization

With general solutions, you have to deal with what you've got- there is nothing more or less than that.

3. Implementation might be an issue

Since there is absolutely no customization done, the way the general TTS voice gets implemented might be problematic. Perhaps the voice does not sound natural, or there the tone does not seem to fit the space.

   Pros and Cons of Text to Speech Voices Custom


1. Create TTS voice based on your needs

As said, from anything to everything, TTS custom allows you to design every component of the voice. For instance, if you are working on the voice of a book that is based on a horror theme, you can work on creating a horrific voice that flawlessly reads out the entire book to the listeners.

2. Different Language and Different Accents

Majority of the TTS custom voice synthesizer are equipped with several languages and accents, so that you can select the one that meets with the needs of your project. Apart from the diversity of demographics, you can also develop the voice according to different age and personality type too.

3. Voice synonymous to your brand

Custom text-to-speech voice leads to high-quality and original product that will be a true reflection of your brand, This not only increases your brand value, but also ensures that you have an impactful voice that's synonymous to company itself.


1. Troublesome process for beginners

In customized TTS voice you have to work on everything from scratch. It does become a troublesome process for beginners. However, we suggest using a specialized custom voice TTS app that features advanced tools so as to simplify the entire process of text to voice conversion.

2. Difficult to conceptualize a custom voice

A unique voice carries the essence of the brand, and must be something that excels in every possible way. Conceptualize such a voice is not easy. It demands time, energy and effort for analyzing user data, researching, experimenting, and then finally creating something that would cater the requirements of the project.

3. May not be a cost-effective solution

By now you must have realized that custom voice is not the same as general voice and developing one does need a profound set of technology and tools. Most of these are often paid tools. Still, the ROI (return on investment) that you receive from them it massive.

Part 4 How to Bring Your Text to Speech Voices to Life?

Text to Speech Voices to Life

The process of breathing life to TTS voice is not a straight line, rather it's more of a journey that a brand makes to conquer the custom voice of its dreams! You can begin experimenting with general text-to-speech voices to understand them better and then shift to building a customized one.

When you want the best of both, Wondershare Aniree is the place for you! Giving a new dimension to voice technology, Anireel houses the largest collection of human voices with natural effects. In addition, you can take advantage of its incredible tools for creating a TTS custom voices too. From the initial setup to managing the quality, structure and tone of the voice, everything can be performed on its user-friendly interface in a hassle-free way!

Wondershare Anireel

We make video animation better for everyone. Electrifying features that satisfy your imagination.


Key Takeaways from This Episode

Text-to-Speech voices allow people to engage in realistic conversation with machines.

Convert any kind of language into a natural humanized speech.

Symbolize the true identity of a brand.



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