Secrets to Learning Timeline Chart

Timelines charts are very easy way to understand the sequence of events and process of your events. In this article, we will introduce how to visualize a timeline and how to start fast with timeline chart template.

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Whether you want to design new product or you want to run the marketing campaigns for your company, you always runs on the timelines. If you need to understand the cost of your project, profit and way of working on the projects then then timelines charts are really a great way to understand the things quickly. Here, in this article we are going to share everything about the timeline diagram which will help you to make timeline charts for your company.

Part 1: What is a Timeline Chart?

Timeline Chart is actually a representation of the events with the chart. You can create it using the graph and chart. You can create the timeline charts for everything and any process. If you are a business owner then you can create the chats for your sales campaigns and then product development process.

Timelines charts are very easy way to understand the sequence of events and process of your events.

Mainly there are two types of timeline charts available which are:

• Horizontal Timelines

• Vertical Timelines

Horizontal Timelines:

Horizontal timelines are generally known as those timelines which fill the information submitted information by you from the left to right. Horizontal timelines are very common timelines which is used by the people because they are very simple to understand and can be used easily for any purpose.

Vertical Timelines:

Vertical timelines are very great in the case if need more space for your items lists. Vertical timelines provides you feature that you can scroll the page from top to bottom up and down. This helps you to check whole timeline more easily than the horizontal timeline. Vertical timelines provides you more space but you must keep in mind that charts allows you to show very less information.

Part 2: What Is the Purpose of the Timeline Chart?

Timelines charts are very useful and people used them for the different purposes. Below are some purposes of using the timeline charts.

• Timelines charts are widely used for the diagram of historical data.

• In the school and colleges also timeline charts are widely used by the students and teachers for the assignments.

• These charts also help you to focus on your team to understand the task and continuously do the work.

There are the best 5 timeline chart software:

No. 1 Office Timeline

Office Timeline is free software which helps you to create the free timeline diagram, timeline icon etc for free in the trial version. If you like to get more features from the developers than you have to buy the premium subscription of the software. The website offers you very simple interface so you can easily use it even you are a newbie and don’t know much about the technical things.


Offline timeline comes in the software as well as online version.

It allows you to import the data from excel, project and smart sheet.

You can set the timeline in hours and minutes.


The price of the software is very costly and not competitive.

You will face watermark issue in the free trial version.

The online version is very heavy and needs high internet connectivity.


No. 2 Tiki-Toki:

Tiki-Toki is an online timeline icon maker website where you can design the best timeline for your projects with the cool icons. With the icons it also supports creating the best timelines for your business as well. You can use this website directly in any of your favorite browser and don’t need to download any software on your computer to make timelines.


This is web based online timelines maker so don’t need to download any software.

It supports 2D and 3D timeline design making as well.

You can use it for free in the trial version.


The website is online so you can’t use it without internet.

The premiums plans are not competitive.

Free account allows you to create only 1 timeline.


No. 3 Workzone:

Workzone is another online timeline maker website where you can make the best timelines for your projects. This website is launched in 2002 and still it is a very popular player of the project management. Workzone website is not much complicated to understand the options because of the easy user interface of the website.


You can view the changes to your timelines in the preview.

It shows that which projects are on the track.

You can view the tasks assigned to any person in the dashboard.


There is issue with the search function of the website.

The interface is easy but website is very heavy.

The price is the website premium plan is not cost effective.


No. 4 Easy Projects:

Easy Projects is also a very good solution for your project management work. If you are a newbie to the management of the projects then this website is good for you and it provides you very simple and perfect solution.


If offers you online web where you can manage your work without downloading any software.

You can directly drag and drop the elements in the timelines you are making.

It allows you to check the progress of work and time schedule of your employees.


The project setup of the website is little difficult.

You will face issue in finding the right options.

Search feature is not much perfectly designed.


No. 5 Ganttpro:

Ganttpro is an online chart maker website which allows you to manage your projects online using the web based interface. This website is one of the best timeline maker web applications because it makes your project management very easy.


You can check the performance of your team on the current project.

You can calculate the project duration.

With just one click you can check the team members working on the project.


There is lack of the views and many features.

The speed of website is very poor.

Sometimes people also report several errors.


Part 3: How Do You Visualize a Timeline?

You can easily create timeline chart using the online websites. Here we are taking Vizzlo as an example and showing you how to create the timeline charts using Vizzlo.

Step1Login to Vizzlo

Login to Vizzlo website and then create a new document. This will load the default data.

Step2Choose the theme of Vizzlo

Now you can choose the theme of your choice from the collection of Vizzlo or you can also design your own theme. From here you can also change the dimension of the chart.

Step3Change the title of your chart and edit the element

After doing all necessary settings to your document you need to change the title of your chart from the default name. To change it you need to click on the title then type the new name. Now it’s time to edit the elements. To edit them you simply need to click any element and then start editing. You can easily edit the elements in the sidebar as well or you can import your data directly from the spreadsheet as well.

Step4Change the properties of fonts

If you want to change the properties of fonts then also you can do it using the font options. In Vizzlo all text fonts can be changed except the date. You can easily adjust the font style, color, background color, and style and font characters.

Step5Creating your chart

Just like this you can apply any option of the Vizzlo to make the beautiful timeline charts for your projects. There are hundreds of different elements offered in the Vizzlo to use with your timeline charts. Start entering the complete data which you need in your chart and then you will see the final results after few minutes. After creating your chart you can click on the “Export & Share” button to save the chart on your computer or you can also share it online through the Email.


Part4 Get Started Fast with Timeline Chart Templates!

In this part, we will introduce 7 timeline chart templates for business or product development.

No. 1 Strategic Plan Template

When you are going to plan the strategy for your business or product development then you need to make the right strategy because the success of your business depends on your strategy. In that case if you choose the right strategic plan template then it will help you a lot to understand the right way for increasing your business. If you choose the right template for your strategy then it will help you a lot in the success of your client and yourself.


No. 2 Product Management

In the business you may have several numbers of products which you want to offer to your clients then your clients also have several products which they offer to their clients in the market. You and your clients both needs to manage those products and keep them very well organized. In this case you need a good and right product management template which can help you to understand the things quickly and it also help you to know that which products you can offer to your clients.


No. 3 Website Design Project Planning Template

Website is also a very essential thing for making the online presence for your brand now a day. You may also need to build a website for your client but it is not possible to create it directly without any planning. A website timeline diagram can help you a lot in making planning for your client website. Actually there are several steps for making a website and your clients may not know about it. In this case a website designing template can help you a lot in making planning.


No. 4 Mobile App Development Template

Mobile apps are really a very important part of everyone’s life in this modern era. Mostly everyone is using the mobile apps to finish their daily work. This is the reason that the need of mobiles apps is regularly increasing for the businesses. For the mobile developers this is important to understand and make it easier the process of making the apps. With the mobile app development templates you can very easily create the process of making apps. This helps you to understand how to start the development and how to end the development process.


No. 5 Software Development Template

Development of software is really a very hectic process and it takes lot of time. While developing any software you need to take care a lot about everything because any missing step can lead to the bugs and non-usability of software for your client. So, you always need to use a software development project plan. It helps you to understand the complete process very quickly and work accordingly. In this case also you can use the software development project plan templates.


No. 6 Planning of Project Templates

If you are working on the different projects in a company or in your business then you always take care about everything if you doing the things manually instead of using project planning templates. This can lead to lots of issues and your clients may get angry with you. So, instead of doing your things manually it is better to create project planning templates for your every project. This helps you to keep a track on the process you are doing in every project.


No. 7 Roadmap Product Templates

Product manufacturing is a totally different task which needs lots of concentration and dedication. It also helps you to increase in the product sale that’s why the products manufacturing needs lots of research and concentration. If you are looking for the perfect sales for your product and services then you must take care about the things very carefully. A product roadmap template can be lifesaver for you to follow all the steps of creating the new products.



Well, this is all about the timeline charts for the different purposes. You can read the whole article and follow the perfect procedure for making the perfect timelines charts for the product or services you are offering to your clients. Different websites offers different types of templates but you can find mostly all common timeline templates on most of the sites. You can choose any website according to your work need.



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