20 Time-tested Animes for Anime Fans

Want a decent watching anime? Here are the best anime shows ever, classified by all fans. Popular shows such as pop team epic, Naruto, and much more comprise a top anime series.

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In this top 20 anime, nearly everyone is seen in some fashion, whether it is a slice-of-life show or thrilling bombast in rosy meditation.

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Part 1 The 20 Top Anime Series (Ranked in 2021)

No.20 Pop Team Epic

Original Run: Pop Team Epic

Watch On: Netflix

Pop Team Epic is a strange experience packed in ten minutes and loops again with the same written screenplay, but with voice players of the opposite sex. Each episode is spoken twice by a complete range of vocal performers: the central duet, Pipimi, and Popuko.

No.19 Sword Art Online

Original Run: 2014

Watch On: Netflix

Sword Art Online is action/romance within a video game where players die when their HP hits zero in real life. We start with Kirito, a soloist who seems unconcerned by the SAO risk but has PTSD from a violent party event. He is a nice actor, and most gamers would probably relate with his "hubby solo player" who drives the badassery in the series.

No.18 FLCL

Original Run: 2001-2018

Watch On: Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation

In contrast to anything you have ever seen, animated or any other way, FLCL was supposed to feel. The band The Pillows has an amazing Japanese alt-rock band. It's frantic to edit. Its characters engage with agitated, moody, or mournful extremes.

No.17 Monster

Original Run: 2004-2005

Watch On: Sadly, nowhere officially, but available for physical purchase.

The author of some of the most extensively drawn, character-driven, and experimental manga ever produced, Naoki Urasawa is one of the most acclaimed managers of his day, admired by the literary community, both in-, and off-Japan.

No.16 Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Original Run: 2009-2010

Watch On: Netflix

Brotherhood is the most crucial anime experience for many, and it is easy to understand why. Brotherhood is a more authentic adaptation to the mega-popular manga series of Hiromu Arakawa. In mature and unique ways, it struggles with loss, grief, war, racism, and ethics in almost every area before the time.

No.15 Fate/Zero

Original Run: 2006-2007

Watch On: Netflix

This 25-episode sein, conducted by Ei Aoki, follows a group of mages as they compete in the Fourth Holy Grail War in a royal battle over a mythical chalice capable of fulfilling the wishes of its owner. The first one is a series of anime adaptations of the Type-Moons Fate franchising of luminous novels. Three families of wizards have traditionally strived for control over the Grail.

No.14 Naruto

Original Run: 2002-2008

Watch On: Netflix

Naruto is an angry high school romance, teaching every adolescent to transform decent people into bad and break partnerships. Masashi Kishimoto presents us to a ninjas society that lives and dies to safeguard their village before their family splits too soon.

No.13 Kakegurui

Original Run: 2019

Watch On: Netflix

From beginning to end, Kakegurui is a folly of ever more serious concerns and the transfer of the state of mind; all focused on its distorted and unforeseeable leadership. Kakegurui toys with hideous sexuality and dynamics of power so that we have left something like Yu-Gi-Oh!

No.12 Cells At Work

Original Run: 2018

Watch On: Netflix

This animation is as clean and beautiful as one would expect from a production of Aniplex with a smooth, up-market appearance. Cells at Work is a high-energy comedy that develops a human body universe. The episodes concentrate around a red blood cell that is particularly susceptible to accidents and that we follow throughout her bodily tasks and stumble upon more harmful viruses and germs.

No.11 Bleach

Original Run: 2004-2002

Watch On: Netflix

The BFS, or the "big fucking sword," is one of the most incredible fantasy actions anime tropes. This applies to Naruto, Claymore, Berserk, Kenshin, and Inuyasha, which applies to Bleach. However, our leading charge, Ichigo, has much more to do than his enormous sword. He's sympathetic, courageous, and the "Soul Reaper."

No.10 The Vision of Escaflowne

Original Run: 1996

Watch On: Funimation

Escaflowne's vision is only about the whole package of fantasies. They had dragons, alternative earth rent robberies, steampunky robots, magnificent sword-duel animations, tarot cards, and the great Yoko Kanno, a piece of radish-symphonic music.

No.09 Neon Genesis Evangelion

Original Run: 1995-1996

Watch On: Netflix

Nevertheless, Evangelion's effect is evident with a cultural overlay that can be observed anywhere from Persona 3 to Gurren Lagann, becoming a phenomenon that seems to exceed the show's original content.

No.08 Revolutionary Girl Utena

Original Run: 1997

Watch On: Funimation

The show focuses almost entirely on the drama, smartly combining inventory and repeat images to promote a fictional depiction of the change, the intersection of the critical group's psychological profiles, and tabuous wishes.


Original Run: 1989-1996

Watch On: Funimation

Guaranteed; the status of Akira Toriyama as one of the greatest creators of anime in all practical sense with Dragon Ball. Manga and following Son Goku" s series of mishaps in collecting all seven of the mystical dragon balls inspired generations of manga artists and animators in Japan loosely influenced by the classical Chinese novel Journey to the West.

No.06 Ouran High School

Original Run: 2006

Watch On: Netflix

Ouran High School Host Club uses a blatant mockery of the shoujo genre and often sends our expectations on romantic animated flicks. The storey follows Haruhi Fujioka, a regular girl with a heavy bursary who attends the famous Uran Academy.

No.05 Berserk the Golden Age

Original Run: 2012

Watch On: Netflix

The first adaptation of the Kentaro Miura Berserk, a 1997 television series, is regarded as classic. And if the first two films in these triptychs were treated as disgusting by most anime experts fifteen years later, its ultimate offer is as eye-catching a form – and as violent.

No.04 Michiko and Hatchin

Original Run: 2008-2009

Watch On: Funimation

Michiko and Hatchin have everything they need to be an immediate anime classic: a road trip, an irrepressible sense of adventure, the funky samba soundtrack by the Brazilian artist Alexandre Kassin and two of the best leads in the history of animation. Where the program shines in the director's sensibility, Sayo Yamamoto captures South America's relentless charm in every moment.

No.03 Sailor Moon

Original Run: 1992-1997

Watch On: Netflix

Sailor Moon has taught so many girls, and this generosity is the best weapon. Usagi Tsukino never sheds more unpleasant features but is growing tremendously over the five-season period of Sailor Moon. The cycle of the plot can get a little repetitive.

No.02 Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Original Run: 2013

Watch On: Netflix

Magi:The magical labyrinth is a powerful storey inspired by thoughts about money, friendship, and life's value. The storey is told in a massive country of deserts, dungeons, and secret treasures, waiting for exploration. The youthful, idealist leader Alibabbah meets the powerful young Aladdin.


Original Run: 1997-1998

Watch On: Crunchyroll, VRV, Funimation, HBO Max

Berserk's Kentaro Miura is one of the most highly acknowledged 1980s action series. The long-term manga Guts the Black swordsman's search for retribution in the battered Midland plains stretched over 40 volumes and spread across nearly 30years of history has fostered legions of enthusiasts.

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