How to Write a Buzzworthy Explainer Video Script?

Making a vivified explainer video has never been this simple. If you know how to write an explainer video script then you can have an extraordinary chance to fabricate the most vivid, great, and invigorating explainer ever! Explainer videos are the best option for explaining your business to the people because it has an entire universe of symbols, characters, and foundation movements with distinct styles and in excess of unique changes consolidated in one layout to make your video creation charming and compelling. They make an interesting and attractive explainer video immediately for free.

Part 1 Why Many Brands Struggle with Writing an Effective Script?

Writing an effective script is really not an easy task because writing is not just putting words on a sheet that depicts the good qualities and benefits of a brand. If you want to write an effective script then you should to create something that touches the viewers and makes them feel connected from starting to the end. Generally, most of the brands when writing script for promoting them forget that this script should not only be straightforward telling the good qualities of the brand but also engage the audience by adding emotion to it and try to bring them into it by raising questions in between so that they can relate themselves with the story. It is very important to keep a conversational tone, simple language, and any emotional communication tool to make an effective script for brand promotion.

Part 2 Why a Good Explainer Video Script Takes Work?

Explaining a detailed and complex concept is not an easy task. For that, first, you have to select a limited word count as mostly the explainer videos are of either 30 seconds or 3 minutes, not more than that. It is because the longer the explainer video, the less impact it will have. Then you have to create an engaging story in simple words to show off your brand personality and also remember that words should be as simple as both children and adults can understand. So, to make a good explainer video, you need to have a compelling script. You have to follow these steps one by one while writing the script and that will take a lot of work and time also.

How to Emphasize Your Words and Tone?

Words and elements are the key elements of scriptwriting. Your writing tone shows your attitude towards the viewers. You can create the tone with the help of diction and imagination, diction is basically your word choice for writing the script and imagination is the picture that you can create with those words to connect with all the viewers. For choosing the correct words and tone, it is very important to first decide what is the main purpose of your script and in what way you will be going to deliver it. Always include the words and tone in the script that can be easily read by the voiceover. For emphasizing your words and tone while writing the script, imagine real people as characters so that you can write more realistically.


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Part 3 What Are the Different Approaches in Writing Your Animated Explainer Video Script?

1. Keep the length of the script short

Always decide the length of the script according to your target audience. If anyone got to know about your brand for the first time then he/she will not see your content for more than 2 to 3 minutes and those 2 to 3 minutes also depend on how compelling your content or material is whether they have the requirement of your brand’s products and services or not. You can balance this by keeping the word count in mind as for one minute of video your word count should not be more than 130 to 150 words. While deciding the length of your script, you also have to check the narration time of your script by reading it on your own in a properly paced voice.

2. Show your sense of humor

Humor is a very important and popular tool of explainer video because all the explainer marketing videos that are successful till now have both information as well as humor. Getting people’s attention towards your explainer video is not an easy task but if you include your sense of humor in writing the script then your viewers will find your content not only for brand promotion but also entertaining and refreshing. Humor is not the only way to engage your audience towards your content but it is definitely a viable solution to overcome the promotional explainer video stigma. You can also use sarcasm or exaggeration to make your explainer video script humorous and add humor in a monotone voice-over intelligently.

3. Write like storytelling

People always write the explainer video script in the same pattern as first the problem, solution, working, and at the last call to action. People always love to see videos that have storytelling that’s why it is best to explain to them about your brand in the form of a story so that they can understand what you are offering very well and is it helpful for them or not.

If you tell a story to your viewers and include your product in it as one of the props then it will not look like a direct promotion and will easily encourage the viewers to put their eyes and ears on that. Also, keep in mind that your story should be simple, not condescending. Always make your script interesting, engaging, and easy to digest for everyone. For making the script like this, you have to write the outline of your story in not more than five sentences in simple words. By this way of storytelling, you can easily convince your audience to buy your product or to take your services.

4. Speak directly to the audience

Always try to bring the viewers into the story in one or another way so that it will be easier to capture their attention and they will also be influenced fast as they relate themselves more with the story. You can do this by speaking directly to them means writing the script in second-person voice and trying to use the language which they understand the most. You can also speak directly to the audience by raising questions in between which tend the viewers to think about that try to contact and reply.

5. Write like the way you talk

If you write the script for your explainer video in the way you normally talk with someone then it doesn’t mean that your content is poor and doesn’t have any real value. Write like the way you talk or you can say write in a conversational tone. To make your content more engaging for your audience, you should use a conversational voice-over as it does not use a formal announcer type of voice. If your viewers listen to the voice and think like they are talking to someone who knows them, then it will increase their engagement with your brand. Writing in a conversational tone is such that you are having a conversation about your business with any friend not with your boss because when you talk with your boss you always try to impress him with your ideas.

6. Use Anireel To Convert Script To Videos

You can also create these types of explainer videos with the help of Wondershare Anireel . It provides you a smooth and fast video creation experience and makes your imagination true with lots of customizable elements such as animated characters, super catchy scenes, music, and many more. It is effortless video editing software as it will simply turn your script into videos in one click. Explainer video made with Anireel will never bore your audience as it makes to-the-point videos with full information about the product, brand, and their services in an interesting and meaningful way. So, you don’t have to spend hours to know these things and feel bored.

Anireel also provides you rich customization assets, text to speech features, keyframe which is also called function of motion path in Anireel, and scenes to animation feature which is very new and effective. For making explainer videos with Anireel, you have to first choose your script type then add your original content, and Anireel will instantly match your script to rich animation, convert the text into voice-over and your attractive explainer video is ready.

7. Why use Anireel over other Video Explainer?

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Some Final Thoughts:

For making an effective explainer video, it is important to first write an effective script in a simple conversational tone.

You can also make these types of explainer videos from specialized applications such as Anireel.

By explainer video application you can very easily covert your script into animated video that conveys your message in little to no time and also viewers can judge your product or services within a couple of minutes.



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