Which These Storyboard Templates Deserve to Use More Than Once?

This article mentioned different types of Storyboard Templates and their uses. This article will tell you everything you need to know to get started with using storyboard templates.

A storyboard is a graphic layout with images and narratives in a sequence to tell a visual story. Storyboards are great for presenting information (Visually). You can explain a complicated easily through storyboards.


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Storyboard templates are effective in showing the passage of time. Many industries are using storyboards nowadays.

Part 1 Some Significant Industries That Are Using Storyboards

   Film and Entertainment Industry

Film and Entertainment industry was the first industry that used storyboards, and they are still using storyboards. It becomes easy to plan camera angles, actors, effects, etc., through storyboarding before filming.

Film and Entertainment Industry


Information can be conveyed easily through stories. People can connect with stories and can grasp information quickly from stories. Everyone has a different perspective about the same thing.



Storyboards are ideal for education. The principal part of a teacher’s job is to convey information to students, and students should grasp that information. Storyboards are great for conveying information, and students learn fast through visual stuff. Storyboards can be used to plan a narrative, analyses characters or historical figures, and create a timeline.


Part 2 Some Good Storyboarding Software's Which Are Free

Wonder Unit
Panel Forge
Storyboard That
If you are on a budget, this software is for you since it's open-source and free. The program comes with a clean interface and all the necessary tools at your disposal. You can quickly draw shapes and characters. Canva can be helpful for you. Canva has an enormous library of templates to choose from. Canva comes with one million stock images and grids, and frames to help you organize your scenes. Panel Forge comes with drag-and-drop tools and flexible frames to provide you with all you require in creating a storyboard. You can create both 2D drawings and 3D layouts. Panel Forge offers both a free and a paid plan. If you don't like to draw or can't draw, this tool is for you. The tool comes with many backgrounds and characters to help you prepare your storyboard template. Storyboard That also offers both a free and a paid pl

Part 2 Six Type of Storyboard Templates Immediately Reverse the Dilemma of Your Zero Inspiration

1. PDF Storyboard Template

A PDF storyboard is a graphic layout saved in a document format. A PDF storyboard template comprises illustrations and images in a sequence to tell a visual story. A PDF storyboard is often used for motion pictures, television, commercials, etc.

PDF Storyboard Template

2. Photoshop Storyboard Templates

A Photoshop Storyboard template is a graphic layout. A Photoshop storyboard template contains images and illustrations arranged in a sequence to tell a visual story. It can also be altered through Adobe Photoshop. A Photoshop storyboard tells us how a scene will play out and is majorly used in movies, commercials, music videos, etc.

Photoshop Storyboard Templates

3. PowerPoint Storyboard Templates

A PowerPoint storyboard template is a graphic layout with images and illustrations arranged in a sequence to tell a visual story. These types of storyboard templates are idle for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. A PowerPoint storyboard template is generally used for motion pictures, television, animations, commercials.

PowerPoint Storyboard Templates

4. Microsoft Word Storyboard Templates

A Microsoft Word storyboard template is a graphic layout with images and illustrations arranged in a sequence inside Microsoft Word. Their principal aim is to tell a visual story. They are generally used for motion pictures, television, animation, and commercials.

Microsoft Word Storyboard Templates

5. Animation Storyboard Templates

An animation storyboard template is a graphic layout with images and illustrations arranged in a sequence. The major aim of an animation storyboard template is to tell an animated or comic-based story visually. An animated storyboard template tells us about how a scene will play out. They are used for animated movies, television, music videos, commercials, and comics.

Animation Storyboard Templates

6. Video Storyboard Templates

A video storyboard template is a graphic layout with illustrations and images arranged in a sequence to tell a visual story. Video storyboard templates tell us about how a scene will play out. They are used for movies, television, commercials, and music videos.

Video Storyboard Templates

Part 3 How Can We Combine Storyboard with Animation?

Some things to keep in mind while writing a storyboard:

Always remember to write captions beneath the drawing.

Using arrows to show camera movement is very important.

Colouring the objects to make them stand out is a great idea.

You should always choose your storyboard template carefully. Always try to choose a template according to the story.


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Key Takeaways from This Episode

A writer can plan scenes to match the outline of the story.

A web developer can use it for illustrating a JavaScript function on a page.

A student can use it for analysing characters and complex processes.

As you can see, storyboards can be very useful. But the most important use of storyboard templates remains film making.

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